Sonic Superstars is a game for consoles and PC that never came to smartphones. At the same time, enthusiasts were already able to launch and play it through the Yuzu v17 emulator. To do this, they used the budget smartphone POCO X3 Pro.

Sonic Superstars runs at a stable 30+ FPS, although small drops are visible. There are no visual or audio artifacts, which is good news. For now, the question is about the possibility of playing co-op with friends. It is unlikely that you can use the licensed version of Sonic Superstars on other platforms for this.

Let me remind you that Sonic Superstars is the last part in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It combines developments from 2D and 3D, and many levels seem experimental. If you haven’t played the previous parts and don’t know the plot, then it doesn’t matter – judging by the gameplay, if there is a story, it’s more for show. The most important thing is to jump between falling platforms in time and avoid traps.

On Steam, the game Sonic Superstars was received coolly – it received mixed reviews. This is mainly due to the high price for “3 hours of play”, as well as the need to additionally register with the Epic Games Store.


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