So how and where to download energy kinesis? Read and find out!

Most of those who already play Aion probably know what energy kinesis is. But I’ll explain everything for those who don’t know.

Energy Kinesis is a resource gathering skill. The higher it is, the more resources you can collect. Well, when its level is raised to the maximum, you can get a task for the title of master.

And here a beginner may ask – why do you need the title of master of energy kinesis? The answer is very simple: a master of energy kinesis is a player who knows how to collect all the resources. The very resources that all artisans need – cooks, alchemists, jewelers and everyone else. And all these comrades pay very good money for resources – especially for rare and high-level ones. Therefore, any collector can earn quite good money in his profession. But you still need to get to the master. And in order to help you in this difficult matter, this guide was compiled. So let’s go.

How and where to download for a beginner

I will say right away – you can start pumping energy kinesis only when you get level 10 of the character. After that, you can safely start collecting. You will not need any additional tools for this – they came up and assembled it with handles. Those items that can be collected will be highlighted in yellow. The ones you can’t collect yet will be red-lit. Well, you can collect “gray” items, but they will not give you an increase in skill. Each resource requires a certain level of skill to collect, such as iron, for which the minimum required level of energy kinesis is 15.

There are no special differences when pumping for the Elyos and for the Asmodians. First, we swing in the initial location – that is, in the Elyos Phoet or Asmodian Iskhalgen. But these areas are only suitable for developing energy kinesis up to 20, no more. Next, you will have to go to the next location – these are the capitals, Altgard and Bertron, for the Asmodians and Elyos, respectively. Here you can increase the skill to level 99. After that, we go to the master of energy kinesis (he is here, in the capital), and increase his skill to 100. The master is waiting for you in Elysium, in the temple of masters. Just do not confuse it with the master of etherokinesis – also, by the way, a useful skill, but today we are not talking about him.

Where to go next

where to download energy kinesis in aionLet’s move on to the next location!

In order to upgrade the skill further, you will have to go to the next location. This is Eltenen for the Elyos, or Morheim for the Asmodians. The principle is the same – we find objects highlighted in yellow and collect them.

By the way, some players recommend that you level up collecting fish to at least level 199 – this way you will run into less mobs, and, as a result, you will spend less time on “clearing the territory”. These locations are suitable for pumping energy kinesis from 100 to 199, although, if desired, here the collection skill can be raised up to 299 (although this is far from the best option).

The area is still quite safe, especially for those who do not want to fight with players from a hostile faction. By the way, remember that in order to raise the skill from 199 to 200, from 299 to 300, and so on, you will have to visit the energy kinesis master in the capital.

But it’s best to go to Interdica (for the Elyos) or Belustan (for the Esmodians) after level 200. Although pumping the skill here will not be fast. Firstly, after 200 energy kinesis is no longer so fast. And secondly, and much more importantly, here you will often be disturbed by the “punitive squads” of the hostile faction. These are players, or groups of players, for whom PvP is their favorite pastime.

Many so-called PC-shniks (from the English Player Killer) separately hunt precisely those who are engaged in the collection. Therefore, stay close to your guards – these are the non-scripts that, on occasion, heap on any irresponsible personalities. Well, or another option – if you have a friendly clan, then ask them to “insure” you. This option is much more reliable – in this case, only really strong and skillful groups of hostile players will be able to pose a threat to you.

By the way, there is another trick with skill leveling – if your character’s level is not higher than 50, then you can go to the channel for beginners. To do this, go to the System Menu, Support, Channel Change – and select the channel you need. Then you will not be touched by other players. And if you are in a location where all the mobs are at least ten levels younger than you, then, in principle, no one will bother you.

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In conclusion

The most important question – why do you need to pump the skill of energy kinesis? And here are two answers. First, for the sale of resources, as already mentioned. And secondly, if you yourself own a particular profession, it will cost you much less to collect resources than to buy them from other players. Therefore – go for it, pump energy kinesis, and let neither mobs nor other players interfere with you.


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