Endless Frost is a mobile survival game that takes inspiration from Frostpunk. This is the second such project today – the first was Train of Hope.

Endless Frost appeared on Google Play US as part of a trial launch. In this game you need to collect survivors during the winter post-apocalypse around a fire, which after several pumpings will grow into a huge heat generator.

Among the advantages of Endless Frost, I can note the emphasis not only on the construction of a settlement, but also on the plot – it is revealed through voiced dialogues between characters and allows you to participate in expeditions to search for missing people, as well as in battles against wolves.

Endless Frost is published by SkyRise Digital, which also publishes the following games:

Endless Frost has multiplayer and clans, thanks to which players can help each other by sharing resources, and also participate in raids on enemy generators.

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