Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Embracer Group boss upset by reviews of new Saints Row

restart saints row collected mixed ratings – the press and users complained about the abundance of bugs and a stupid open world. Lars Wingefors (Lars Wingefors), CEO of the holding Embracer Groupwhich includes the developer and publisher of the action, spoke with restraint about the new product.

Vingefors mentioned saints row while talking to investors:

  • Boss Embracer believes that the action movie will bring profit, although not as impressive as many of the company’s other projects.
  • Asked about the future of the franchise Vingefors replied vaguely: “Obviously, you always want each new part of the IP to be more popular than the previous one, but you need to … evaluate your position, result, and for this game in the group [Embracer] hundreds of people involved. I still trust them and I am sure that they will advise something for the future.”.
  • The CEO was pointed out that the payback of the holding’s recent products shows a downward trend. Vingefors assured that the situation would improve.

saints row (2022) is available on PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox and PlayStation.

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