One of the classes in the game “Blade and Soul” is Elemental Masterwhich may also be called Force Master. Master of the Elements is a perfect fusion of two elements – cold and fire. This large class can work very well for those players who prefer magic.

Elementalist Features

Today we will look at the Elemental Master class in Blade and Soul, its distinguishing features and skills.

The main differences of the Master of Elements are good mobility, a very high damage rate, multi-control, but its negative side is determined by relatively weak survivability, however, for classes related to magic, this is not new. But, despite this, it is definitely worth paying attention to the hero of the Master of the Elements.

The world of the Blade and soul game is extremely large and diverse, and in this world the player is given the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the classes that are considered quite complex, and not only in the field of magic. Playing for the Master of the Elements will not work out just like that; for a quality game, you need to bring all the skills, tactics and techniques to the very ideal. However, that’s not all. In addition to your class, you need to know the combat skills of other heroes very well. With patience and time, a hero of this class can become almost the best.

The Master of the Elements is that unique class that, with proper gameplay, is capable of destroying both single mobs and a whole crowd of opponents. By the way, the hero is able to destroy the mob even at the moment when he is far from the character, thanks to high damage.

character Master of the ElementsThe Master of the Elements is that unique class that, with a competent game, is capable of destroying both single mobs and a whole crowd of opponents.

The player can also use a skill called “proximity ban”, which allows you to save the hero from various jerks. In addition, under difficult circumstances, the skill “sphere of ice” can be very helpful. The Master of Elements has a large number of skills that allow you to deal with a variety of enemies at various distances.

In general, the Master of Elements class has a very considerable potential in terms of fighting mobs, especially if the hero is not alone in battle. It is worth saying that during the battle you need to behave quite adequately in terms of attack, so as not to end the game with death or greatly undermine hp units. For the Elementalist, for the most part, PvP doesn’t work very well in practice due to the class’s poor survivability. However, with perfect skills, both PvP and PvE will become an interesting game for the player. By the way, the only rival for the Master of the Elements may be the Blade Master, however, even with a competent game, it will be possible to win.

Elementalist Skills

All skills can be divided into several groups: . And below will be listed the most basic and necessary skills that will help to defeat the enemy.

  • Attackers: a whirlwind of flame – an ability that deals damage and frees from the elements of tin, also discards enemies; a fireball is a skill that deals powerful damage, and the speed of projectiles increases significantly; fire rain – an ability that increases damage; Fire Blast – This skill can be called a trap-mine, while the enemy is knocked over for three seconds.
  • Auxiliary: Frozen Hand – an ability in which the enemy is frozen or his movement speed is slowed; captivity – a skill that attracts the enemy to itself and deprives him of protection; when using the ice cage skill, the enemy is temporarily in an ice prison;
  • Protective: icebreaker – allows you to freeze enemies around the hero; roll back – an ability that allows you to dodge a blow; protective barrier – protects the character from being hit from a long distance; release – a jerk back for a relatively long distance; ice flower is used for healing; deliverance – stuns the enemy; seal is a dual ability that puts an enemy to sleep for half a minute, but restores him temporarily.

Master of the Elements – class overview


A magical and fairly large class, the Master of Elements will suit those players who prefer a variety of abilities and are ready to have the patience to learn in order to become the strongest hero in the Blade and soul world.


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