Passed on Reddit indie sunday, during which many independent developers presented their games. The first of these was Edge Of Dead – a roguelike in the Bullet hell genre, inspired by Enter The Gungeon. The bright pixel action game has been in development for several years, but is now ready to be released in Steam – already November 16th.

In Edge Of Dead we have to clear randomly generated levels, fighting numerous and very diverse enemies. Collect loot, weapons and money, strengthen your character, check the characteristics of guns through your inventory and decide when is the best time to use them.

The main thing is not to stop there. Throw grenades at your enemies, activate laser shields, dodge shots and set your opponents on fire. Not enough of the usual arsenal? Buy a Porcupine gun from the store or throw burritos at your enemies!

At release the developer promises:

  • Unique weapons and secondary items such as shields and shoulder turrets;
  • Items in the inventory with their own bonuses and effects;
  • Shop and vending machines selling new weapons;
  • Unique opponents in the form of living cacti, bone spiders and other amazing creatures;
  • Each time there are new levels that are generated anew after each death.



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