Blackbird Interactive and Team17 Digital presented gameplay trailer for their new sci-fi Deck Builders game, Earthless. In one and a half minutes they revealed the main mechanics, showed tactical battles and indicated the release date demo versions – from October 9 to October 16 this year. It’s too early to talk about a full release, but early access on Steam is planned for 2024.

In Earthless, players will have to take their spaceship away from their native Earth – in search of a new home for humanity. On the way, people will encounter a sea of ​​dangers, including not only hostile star systems, but also real aliens. But a little more about everything.

The key feature of Earthless is its constant fateful decisions. We, as the captain of a ship, are forced to calculate the course, adapt to changing conditions and learn from our own mistakes. All gameplay takes place within the playing field, on which we will lay out combinations of cards, collect resources and artifacts, and also help the crew complete the mission without failure.

On each new flight we will have to work with unique officers who obey our orders. You will need to adapt to personality traits, inspire officers to receive bonuses and do your best to achieve team loyalty.


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