While the Chinese brand is preparing to show off the OnePlus 12 line of smartphones in December 2023, its partner BOE held a demo of various mobile devices.

As a result, the first live photos of OnePlus 12 appeared on the Internet. This smartphone will receive a BOE X1 screen with 2K resolution. The brightness will be over 2,600 nits, which will amaze even those who are used to buying premium smartphones.

Despite high brightness and rich colors from any viewing angle, the OnePlus 12 screen will consume 18% less power compared to the previous generation.

On the left is the OnePlus 12, and on the right is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The BOE X1 OLED screen life of the OnePlus 12 is increased by 30%, and LTPO technology avoids flicker at full brightness.

Specifications of OnePlus 12R and OnePlus 12

  • 1.5K | 2K OLED display with waterfall effect;
  • Metal frames and glass back panel;
  • Notification button on the left;
  • Volume buttons above the screen power button.

The OnePlus 12’s screen will feature a custom Display P1 chip developed by OPPO. Here’s what it gives:

  • Improved image quality;
  • Increased brightness;
  • Less energy consumption.


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