Publisher Twin Sails Interactive and developers from Drop Rate Studio have released Steam a new tactical role-playing game – Wantless: Solace at World’s End. The psychological strategy is available only in early access, and even with a 10% release discount. In the near future, the game will continue to be refined: the developers will introduce new mechanics, add the ability to design ships and other features proposed by the community.

For quick feedback, Drop Rate Studio suggests using the official game website.

In Wantless: Solace at World’s End, we are invited to try on the role of Aerys, one of the last transpersonal doctors in the world. Our job is to delve into the minds of patients to combat their mental disorders and inner demons without damaging their memory or creating more damaging consequences.

Each battle with the internal problems of patients is a dynamic turn-based battle in which we will be able to create our own skills to win. And each time completely different conditions await us: new goals, biomes and rewards. The main thing is not to be afraid of defeats, keep your own fears in check and be ready for revenge.

In early access we can already see more than 70 unique opponents, 22 difficult bosses, as well as a sea of ​​patients with their own stories and storylines.



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