EA SPORTS Tactical Football is a world-famous football club manager simulator; it could be Manchester United. Well, Electronic Arts launched this game in the Philippines on Google Play. The gameplay is divided into training and leagues in ascending order.

To constantly win in EA SPORTS Tactical Football, you need to not only collect and pump players with high rarity. You also need to micro-control the actions of the players at important moments, for example, when they score a goal.

In EA SPORTS Tactical Football, the “important moments” during a football game are cool. At this point, the bird’s eye view switches to the pitch itself, with 3D models of the players and cinematic camera movements; yes, you will not see this even in real football matches.

Also in EA SPORTS Tactical Football, bouncy rock plays in the background, and when you hit the ball, it can light up purple. By the way, the developers from EA say that this is a “turn-based strategy game” with matches against both bots and real FC managers.

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