Dynasty Warriors M is a mobile action game in which the player chooses an ancient Chinese general and destroys crowds of enemies with a single swing of his spear.

Dynasty Warriors M was released on October 20 in Southeast Asia on Android. As for the iOS version, it can be pre-ordered – the release is set for December 31, but this is just a formality; There is no exact date yet.

Dynasty Warriors M features fully manual controls and console-quality graphics. The developers from the Korean company Nexon focused on special effects and compliance with the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

In Dynasty Warriors M, you not only have to fight on the battlefield for generals of different rarities, but also build your kingdom and relationships with other Chinese clans.

Dynasty Warriors M players will plunge into the era of the Three Kingdoms. They will be able to travel across a huge map consisting of 13 regions and 500 levels. You can also capture castles, collect loot and develop your army.

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