In a new trailer announcing updates for Dying Light 2, Techland studio promised players to add more activities and pleasant mechanics. Very soon the game will feature cooperative missions, replayable GRE anomalies, Tower Raid, as well as new quests from Tolga and Fatin. Will be added with the update QoL changes: Weapon repair, equipment disassembly and various cosmetics will appear.

The developers have hinted at a ton of upcoming content: nightmarish difficulty, new enemies, the ability to execute opponents, and unique events. Special attention was paid to graphical capabilities: turning on/off the bloom effect and the FOV slider for Xbox Series S.

In case you missed it, Dying Light developer Techland recently announced about a partnership with Tencent, as a result of which the Chinese megacorporation will become the main shareholder.

Techland CEO Pavel Marchevka said that the partnership will allow the team to move forward at full speed in the implementation of their games. It also called Tencent an ally, having worked with some of the world’s best video game companies and helped them reach new heights while respecting their practices and creative freedom.


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