Dungeon Hunter is perhaps the best Diablo-style mobile game series. At least it once was. And recently the sixth part of the cult series was released, which in turn caused a lot of noise due to its collaboration with the popular Canadian rock band, Nickelback.

I spent the whole weekend playing the game and now I’m ready to share my opinion on whether the game is worth our attention.

Dungeon Hunter is the best Diablo clone and Gameloft’s flagship project. The six parts of this series speaks of its insane popularity. As for the sixth part, the game is currently available all over the world, except Russia.

As for the plot, the game takes place 200 years after the events of the fifth part of the series. Players will have to join the heroes trying to stop the evil forces that have emerged from the Forbidden Towers and fight hordes of demonic creatures.

Game of the week: Dungeon Hunter 6 first look

At the very start of the game, five classes await us:

  • Warrior,
  • Assassin,
  • Archer,
  • Mage
  • Sister of Battles (aka cleric).

There is also a sixth class shaman, but, unfortunately, it is not yet available for play.

Game of the week: Dungeon Hunter 6 first look

Of course, most of you will say that we have already seen all this even in the same series of games, but they also brought in a new mechanic called lieutenants.

Game of the week: Dungeon Hunter 6 first look

Lieutenants are your teammates controlled by artificial intelligence. They replace real players in raids, dungeons and quests. According to the developers, they increase the overall strength level of your hero and help him on the battlefield. But personally, they irritate me rather than help me. The game already has an excessive amount of all kinds of special effects that turn the game into an acid disco. So I would call this all nothing more than a whistle-blower.

As for game modes, they are as follows:

  • The Forbidden Tower is a local analogue of the “Endless Towers” ​​with the goal of destroying the boss in a small arena;
  • The plot is corridor and small dungeons with interesting battles, during which you can even control the boss
  • PvP arena – opens at level 31;
  • Limited events – open at level 30;
  • Notice board – daily quests, open at level 29;
  • Various tests
  • Tournament.

Before you start summing up the game, I suggest you watch a short video of my gameplay, just below.

Dungeon Hunter VI is downright bad. I honestly expected less cartoonish and acidic graphics and more interactions with live players, such as in the fifth part of the franchise.

In my heart I would like this part of the series to be at least somewhat competitive with Diablo Immortal. But it doesn’t seem to be fate.

In general, this time draw your own conclusions and watch the trailer for the game below, as usual.


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