DRS: Drone Flight Simulator is a mobile game available on Google Play from September 20, 2023. And the project has been available in the App Store since June 24, 2019.

DRS: Drone Flight Simulator allows you to try yourself as a racing drone operator. The controls are manual, so you need to change the altitude and fly in different directions on specially constructed virtual maps. The drone quickly develops high speed, so flying through rings and special places is another challenge.

Despite 4 years since its release on the App Store, DRS: Drone Flight Simulator still ranks 194th among the best racing games. According to this market, the game supports the Russian language. She received an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, and also helped students at the police college in passing the subject “Special equipment”.

At the same time, some players give low ratings due to the very constrained movements of the quadcopters. You are also not allowed to do some special moves, including flips and rolls.

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