The company and publisher Nuverse has launched a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, which owns the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Therefore, characters from it will appear in Dragonheir: Silent Gods during limited-time game events. Both companies have already begun cooperation, which will last 2 years.

In the latest update, players will meet the fearsome demon Errtu. You can fight him in the new dungeon – Temple It. A new storyline will also be available. And if you have gold coins in your pocket, you can spend them on summoning Drizzt Do’Urden in one of the banners. There is also an opportunity to get a skin for the cube.

The developers of Dragonheir: Silent Gods announced that the number of downloads of the game worldwide has exceeded 10 million, for which I congratulate them – the project truly turned out to be unique, different from RAID: Shadow Legends and many other F2P RPGs about collecting rare heroes.

Thanks to all its advantages, the game Dragonheir came out on top in downloads in more than 10 regions.

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