Dragon Ring is a fantasy-style browser-based MMORPG with stunning 3D graphics.

To date, browser games are dominated exclusively by 2D graphics.

And this is explained by many, since there are few engines where you can implement all the ideas and ideas in a 3D style.

However, there is one application where 3D graphics is not the ultimate dream, but reality, and this is dragon ring.

This game has created something like a revolution in the browser entertainment industry and it looks wonderful, attractive and unique.

Rotate the camera as you like, zoom in, zoom out and watch what you could not imagine before.


In the center of the plot will be power, or rather what is left of it, because after the fight against evil, many were destroyed and forgotten. Evil was wiped off the face of the earth, but as it turned out, not for long, because Andimor sat on the throne of world indignation, such a master of everything dark and terrible.

Of course, the old heroes cannot be revived, although they were strong, but the world is changing and new characters enter the path of struggle, which have the power of the dragon (in addition to the standard unique abilities). This power is concentrated in new rings. Now everything is in your hands and strength, try not to lose this chance to become a thunderstorm of sinister forces.

Control and interface

MMORPG Dragon Ring3D – graphics adds realism and allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest

The most delicious and interesting will begin after entering the game. The 3D graphics make you wonder where a game of this magnitude has been before. Viewing angles allow you to turn the camera in different directions and view the most hidden corners of the levels. There are hot keys for quick switching in the game menu, from time to time they are very helpful.

You can take note of the use of autorun or teleport. Such a feature eases the difficulties in the gameplay and gives a chance to resolve problems in other areas of the war. Management occurs in two ways, the first is automatic, the second is manual.

The automatic mode is simply necessary in the case of a role-playing game, it brings a lot of help and is simply indispensable, while the manual method is for PvP mode. Those who have played role-playing games before will understand the way the hotkeys are arranged, not only the keys.


The good old classics – that’s what we will meet in the Dragon Ring, because dragons reign there, various bosses in battles, and in open spaces in general there are a lot of different and unusual things. Do not forget about leveling the character, it is also here. Now let’s take a closer look at all the features.


In any case, you won’t be able to play without choosing a class, it’s like the alphabet at school, everyone should learn it. The further stay of the gamer on the battlefield depends on the choice of class. There is something to choose from:

Warrior – a combat vehicle that destroys everything in its path, has high endurance and a rather massive attack.
Mage – Weak as health increases, but over time it sways and becomes strong, hardy and powerful.
Archer – a nimble guy with his aces in his pocket, breaks through armor without any problems.

Hero leveling

Dragon Ring game characterDevelop and improve your hero

The guys from the studio where they developed the game decided not to deviate from the traditions of browser-based MMORPGs and focused on pumping and increasing combat skills and power, although it seems that the functionality is not great, but the implementation is thought out and spending time stupidly pumping is fun and exciting. There are many tools that give you the opportunity to upgrade.

At first, it will seem to you that the levels are flowing so quickly that it will be difficult to notice how you ended up on the 75th. Experience is accrued in millions, and sometimes in billions, you will calculate a lot of zeros.

But after so much rapid development, then comes the creative block, because your hero will already have a lot of different abilities and skills. But trust me, there is more to come.


Dragon Ring BossFight bosses and save the world from the forces of evil!

The game has a rank feature.

It is possible to use such a contraption as rebirth.

This has its own plus and meaning, it is that then your heir becomes stronger and discovers new opportunities for himself.

But think that being reborn will take a couple of seconds and is an easy process.

Initially, you need to have a large amount of experience, which means you need to kill more than a thousand monsters, bosses and similar creatures, which is already in abundance here.


Well, of course, without ammunition, it is natural that the game has a large selection of different outfits for weapons and armor. A lot of good things will fall out of bosses, hard-to-pass enemies. You can buy weapons and armor in the store, or exchange in the guild, at your discretion.

Video review “Ring of the Dragon”


The game turned out great, what is the 3D implementation worth, making such a decision is a big risk, there are problems with innovations and sometimes it’s hard to fix it, but here the guys implemented everything in the highest class. This creation is just perfect for fans of MMORPGs, fans of browser games, and those who just want to relax after school or work. Here you will definitely forget about time, everyday problems and other troubles. The best relaxer for the evening.


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