Dragon Lord is an action-packed fantasy MMORPG from the creators of Demon Slayer

What do you know about dynamics if you haven’t tried the new action-packed fantasy game Dragon Lord.

Here, in a fairy-tale state, elves, dragons and orcs are waging an eternal struggle. It’s not a small list. Trite? Wait with conclusions.

Adventures at first glance will seem painfully familiar, since we have seen similar applications before, and you don’t have to stutter about competition at all.

The developers themselves have been sailing in this boat for a long time, and they have plenty of similar creations, with similar gameplay and game structure. But this is no accident, because the gameplay of all such games has long been tested and polished to a shine, the game is addictive – and this is a proven fact.


Move the screens closer, we start talking about the plot. And so, the main events unfold somewhere near the large mainland, where there is a fierce battle between people, orcs and elves. And what could motivate you to take such a step? Of course, world domination. Greed and power have not yet been canceled.

But let’s forget about the four factions for a second, because the Dragonlord enters the battlefield, and he does not have a peaceful mission. He is trying in every possible way to wipe out civilians from the face of the earth. Our task is to resist this universal evil. You need to upset your kingdom, create an invincible army, and, well, heap on everyone who covets your territory, not forgetting about the lord of fire-breathing creatures.


dragon lord boss fightCreate an invincible army and fight the forces of evil

In any browser game, the main source of control is the mouse. We do not violate traditions, which means that the mouse is our everything. But since we have a keyboard at hand, we can, as an exception, use the keys 1-6 for a convenient distribution of skills, or rather, for a quick and effective fight against enemies.

The interface looks cheerful and pleasant, as browser applications should look like. A variety of buttons, banners, pop-ups let you know that you are in the right game. However, such an attitude towards a gamer sometimes leads to disappointment, the guys want to earn money, and ordinary players who are interested in the gameplay, and not pop-up ads, suffer.


MMORPG Dragon LordThe world of Dragon Lord is divided into locations, depending on what level your combat unit has

In the future, the choice of the hero will only affect the selection of the group. Which we will talk about a little further. The first of the most important choices in life dragon lord there will be a main character, we count here as many as 8 personalities. Go:

Carmine. At first glance, a sweet and very pretty girl, but be careful, because she is a real witch.
Aurora. She is the opposite of the first heroine – she is a bright angel and brings only goodness and joy.
Naim. The shadow is her element, she can hide anywhere, so you won’t even notice her, she is a shadow hunter.
Metatron. Justice is the forte of this hero.
Ulder. Can create an incredible fairy tale from ice, as he owns the ice expanses.
Nevermore. The guy turns out to be extraordinary, not only is he a magician, but also a demon sat down.
Bigfoot. An ordinary warrior, but with one feature – he has a small animal – an ice bear.
Fury. Handles the blade as if it were an extension of his hand.

Each hero is unique, wears his own face, his own armor, abilities. Here Fury loves close combat, and Nevemor is more to his liking to weaken the enemy and tear him to shreds.

We do everything and pump

equipment for the hero Dragon LordEquipment for your hero

The world where we will live during the campaign is divided into locations, depending on what level your combat unit has. Each location will have its own storyline, it is not big, but this is the main idea.

Tasks will be a little annoying with their monotony, and the whole point will be reduced to the destruction of enemy evil spirits. There will be additional quests where you have to destroy the boss, respectively, the player will earn more points. The foundation of all victories will be gold and experience points, then they can be spent on improvements or saved up for something grandiose.

Do not dare to doubt that this is the whole buzz that gives us the world of Dragon Lord. There will be more journeys through the caves of cruel monsters, after clearing you get even more rewards, they are evaluated by equipment or scrolls of enhancements.

As you level up, you will unlock new features. You should not think that all awards will fall from the sky on your head, patience and work will grind everything. What awaits us in the news:

Docking with bosses, they are not so easy to knock down, let alone kill. But at the end, a tidbit of rewards falls out.

Dungeons where there will be lairs of dangerous monsters.

The ability to summon wastelands, in other words, a chain of constantly running ill-wishers.

Skills and more

tavern for hiring Dragon Lord heroesHeroes for your troops can be hired in a tavern

It is based on a combat rating, the higher it is, the cooler you are, you don’t even need to invent anything. One of the main ones is equipment. You just need to focus on getting things, they fall from bosses and from completed tasks. There is a simpler way – to donate and buy the necessary thing, but is it then interesting to get success through purchases and fast pumping?

Next comes talents and skills. Any of the above heroes has a chance to get more skills by going through magic schools. Magic is divided into light and dark. The dark one weakens enemies, while the light one allows you to strengthen both yourself and your allies, plus melee and ranged combat. Choose skills scrupulously and carefully, if over time you realize that you have made a mistake, it will be very difficult to return everything back.

There were no pets either. But they also need to be pumped, we start from a simple and frail wolf, but you can end up with such a beast that will tear everything apart, just give the command. This animal is not very simple and looks like a reptile, upgrade it and do not forget about skills, and you will be happy. It is not cheap and it will take a long time to collect, but it is worth it.

Graphic and sound component

The game looks beautiful and atmospheric, but if you do not touch the animation of the movement, it is a little lame. There are no questions about the locations – they are perfect. And I won’t say anything about the animation of the spell at all – this is something beautiful. Each fighter has their own unique moves, everything is pretty cute. The sound is a little lame, but against the general background it is not so noticeable.

Video review Dragon Lord


Dragon Lord is a classic of the genre, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone will be able to find something to their liking, who will fight, and who will go through funny quests, collecting bonuses, improving the hero. The guys from the studio did not deviate from their canons of such games, and this played into their hands.


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