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Release year: 2019
Developers: Chucklefish

OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Core i3 or equivalent
Video: DirectX 11 and/or OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card
Place: 1 GB

Reviews of the game: Very positive 85% of 2,999 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

Wargroove is a turn-based strategy about the adventures of the Queen of Mercia. The heroine’s father, the former ruler of Cherrystone, died in a fight with enemies. To protect her native land, the heroine goes in search of allies.

In addition to Cherrystone, there are 3 other factions: the Skysong Empire, the Florane Tribes and the Falheim Legion. Races represent 12 commanders that are at the head of the units. In the arsenal of generals there is a groove – a special technique that helps a lot in battle. Here are a few of these skills: resurrecting fallen soldiers, healing allies, teleportation, summoning new units.

There is no preparation before the battle – the user receives an already assembled army and a goal. Combat missions can be different: destroy the enemy base, eliminate the enemy leader, travel around the map. The terrain makes progress difficult. Forests slow down foot units and prevent vehicles, rivers reduce protection, the sea “pleases” with reefs. But the mountains serve as excellent protection and an observation deck, allowing you to look beyond the fog of war.

The passage of the story campaign opens up other modes. “Arcade” – a match where 1 commander must take out 5 enemy generals in turn. Later, the “Puzzle” opens, where only 1 move is given to win. If the existing maps are boring, you can create your own missions in the editor.

New soldiers are bought with coins in the barracks. Villages are needed to get money. Even if the settlement belongs to someone, it can be recaptured. Before the capture, the enemy army is eliminated, and then infantrymen are sent to the territory. The conquered building also serves as a first-aid post – by requesting reinforcements, the squad will replenish their health.

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Size: 330 Mb.
Version: Latest Version (Full)

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