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Release year: 2016
Developers: Bigzur Games

OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2.0GHz
Video: Shader model 2.0
Place: 3 GB

Reviews of the game: Mixed 50% of 66 positive reviews
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

A father explores the gloomy ruins of an ancient castle in the hope of finding his daughter in underdread. Horror adventure opens the player to the horrors and dangers hidden in the darkness of abandoned rooms and dark corridors. The game is made in the setting of the XVIII century with a fully developed atmosphere, buildings, interior and clothes of the characters.

Events send the gamer to the XVIII century; the hero travels with his daughter around the world. Having stopped to spend the night in a hotel in one city, the protagonist wakes up and sees that the child is missing. Inquiries in the hotel and districts do not bring any benefit – no one saw the girl, but there was one clue. Children often go missing in this city, and the locals blame the abandoned castle, formerly owned by a noble Lord, for this. Cases of disappearance are dealt with by a detective who has not been seen for several days. It turned out that the detective was brought to the mansion by evidence, but he also disappears. Desperate dad decides to go to a strange building himself to figure it out.

The plot is presented in two ways – with the help of notes on the course of the investigation left by the detective, and the hero’s monologues about the events, ideas and thoughts. The story is unpredictable and events develop spontaneously. In the process, the gamer will meet different enemies, but the ward is not able to fight or fight with them. For protection, scare and self-defense, the protagonist uses a scream. To activate the Fus-Ro-Da shout, you need to collect amulets, the number of which is limited. It is difficult to run away from enemies, and the running time is limited, therefore the stealth system is implemented in horror – when the character is hiding, the eye gives a hint how invisible he is to the enemy.

Along the way, you have to solve puzzles, the essence of which is to find the right elements. For example, you need to find the details of the lever that is activated to open the door. Using the records of the missing detective, the user can navigate the search for items and further actions to advance through the game.

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Size: 1.29 GB.
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

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