Mutant Division is a mobile game in the survival genre, where gamers gather a squad of survivors and hunt huge mutants. To do this, you need to accurately hit them with a sniper rifle and put them to sleep.

The latest update for Mutant Division was released on September 8th on Google Play in several countries, including the Philippines. In the latest patch, the developers added a new combat system for mutants and expeditions. They also optimized the training for newbies and the mutant breeding function.

Together with other players you will build a beautiful house in Mutant Division. More advanced gamers will join the guild and together expand their territories.

Unfortunately, Mutant Division has not yet appeared on the App Store. This hints that a global release may not happen. At the same time, the project has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play. Players are hoping for new updates, mutants and additional missions. They also like the plot, as well as building a city and capturing new monsters.

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