Mecharashi is a mobile game that used to be Front Mission: Borderscape, but publisher Square Enix and its contractors had problems, so the project was given to the Chinese studio Black Jack under a different name.

Beta testing for Mecharashi starts on October 24th in China on Android. You can download the client via Chinese market. Please note that you will need a QQ or WeChat account to log in. You can also download a version from Bilibili, which requires an appropriate account.

There is no end date for the Mecharashi beta test. In this case, players will be able to donate, but the progress will be deleted after the servers are turned off. I’m glad that the number of players this time is unlimited.

Mecharashi will offer tactical combat where the player controls a mech robot. 3D graphics with real-time battles. This project is suitable for those who want a mixture of Transformers and XCOM. You just have to get used to Chinese characters or wait for the global version. Although the interface is clear and convenient, made according to the canons of Japanese JRPG games, where huge allies and enemies fight on the city streets.


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