Battle Crush is a cross-platform game, the test client of which can already be downloaded. On Steam you need to request access, and on Google Play you need to download through available countries; Russia is not on their list, so focus on Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Battle Crush test servers will open on October 23rd, and the beta test will last until October 30th. Once the servers are shut down, all account data and progress will be deleted. I also note that if you are going to download the game client bypassing, then you should choose a VPN for the country through which it was downloaded; in our case it is the Philippines.

Battle Crush features 30-player battles that compete against each other in a battle royale format. Gamers use the attack and active skills of their hero, and also jump from collapsing zones to surviving ones.

The average Battle Crush match lasts a maximum of 8 minutes. To have a high chance of winning you need to look for chests with items. They can change the course of a battle.

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