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Release year: 2020
Developers: Main Loop videogames SL

OS: 7SP1, 8, 10
CPU: Core i3 / AMD A6 2.4Ghz
Video: DirectX: Version 10
RAM: 4 Mb
Place: 2.5 GB

Version: Latest Version (Full)

Submersed interesting primarily for its history. The protagonist of the game is Jack Ballard, who went on a rescue mission to an underwater research complex. Things immediately go wrong when the transport helicopter that delivered Jack crashes on the landing pad. Things get even worse when Jack is warned about what’s going on underwater.

You will have to wander around the complex in search of survivors, now and then bumping into more terrible threats to life throughout 7 chapters. The environment is quite creepy and the background of events is revealed thanks to the scattered notes and records on the computers found. At some points, you need to solve puzzles, find the right items and defend yourself from enemies. The player can collect various small things along the way and create lock picks and other auxiliary items. Weapons are not provided and the most reliable companion will be a flashlight.

At some points in the game, you will need to put on a spacesuit and travel through underwater zones. At such moments, the game mechanics do not change very dramatically, but it becomes somewhat more interesting. The game’s environments are fairly well-designed, both inside and outside the complex, and the player will need to travel equally with or without a diving suit. All this is saturated with the appropriate atmosphere and it seems that you are really on a sinking ship and something threatens your life.

Stealth becomes the main gameplay element, although during the game you will have to create auxiliary tools with electrical properties (and even an electric grenade).

Game Features:

  • Horror from the first person in the scenery of the underwater complex.
  • Well crafted plot.
  • Ability to craft auxiliary items.
  • An atmosphere of doom and a persistent sense of danger.
  • Abandoned corridors and rooms are replaced by underwater attacks, in which the player is even more helpless and vulnerable.

Submersed screenshots:

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Size: 1.17 GB.
Version: Latest Version (Full)

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