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Soldier Poster

Release year: 2002
Developers: Transhuman Design

OS: 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: 333 MHz
Video: compatible with DirectX 8.1
RAM: 32 Mb

Reviews of the game: Extremely positive 95% of 1,429 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

Soldier is a 2D side-scroller drawing inspiration from projects as diverse as Worms and Counter-Strike. In the game you need to control the soldier. Allows you to fully customize your character Modes allow you to play both alone and in co-op. However, the mechanics are best revealed in multiplayer mode.

There are 7 modes available in total: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Teammatch, Infiltration, Hold the Flag, Rambomatch and Pointmatch. Each game has a difference in terms of victory. Somewhere you need to capture flags, and somewhere you need to fill the maximum number of frags. A wide arsenal of weapons is available, including various auxiliary equipment. Ammunition can be replenished using special boxes.

Rocket boots allow you to quickly move through locations consisting of several levels or floors. Among the drop-down bonuses are Berserker – increasing damage, Predator – disguise, FlameGod – flamethrower, Medkits – first aid kit. There are 2 modes available in Soldat: Realistic and Survival. The last one is that respawn is not possible until all team members are killed.

Realistic mode includes:

  • weapon recoil and sight shift;
  • opponents who are not visible behind the back or hills;
  • loss of health when falling;
  • only first aid kits as bonuses;
  • half as much health at the start of the game.

Physics is represented by a realistic ragdoll. The maps are made up of interactive polygons that can hurt, kill, set fire to, or even restore health. In addition, the cards are characterized by a high degree of interaction, which greatly affects tactics. There is a dynamic change of weather conditions: rain, snow, wind, etc.


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