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Release year: 2016
Developers: Greeny Games Studio

OS: 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2.8GHz
Video: Compatible with DirectX 9.0
Place: 200 Mb

Reviews of the game: Mixed 53% of 15 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

Samphi is a role-playing adventure with pronounced mechanics from the survival and roguelike genres. The game focuses on storytelling, where the gamer takes on the role of a person who is able to influence what is happening due to the fact that the plot of the single-player campaign is non-linear. This gives rise to a greater number of places to choose options for further action.

The main characters are two characters, from which you need to choose who will be controlled – “boy” and “girl”. They are deprived of names to draw parallels with real life and encourage reflection on their own relationship problems. The protagonists are experiencing a family crisis, their happiness is collapsing, and the player needs to help them fix it by any means. The gameplay touches on the memories of one of the characters and creates a huge number of levels through which you need to move, explore the territory, earn experience points for pumping skills. Also, pet mechanics are available, providing small bonuses. All locations used throughout the passage are created using random procedural generation. This has a positive effect on the possibility of replaying for the second character to complete the picture.

In addition to the plot, the game boasts the presence of a free mode called “sandbox”. There is no final goal in it, which gives a chance to focus on improving the conditions around you to improve the standard of living. This mode is available for solo players, and in a cooperative form for two users.

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Size: 54.63 Mb.
Version: Latest Version (Full)

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