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Ling Poster

Release year: 2018
Developers: Chautauqua Software

OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 635 / Intel Core i3 530
Video: Intel HD Graphics 530 – Lowest / nVidia GT 635 – Low / AMD HD 7670 – Low
Place: 4 GB

Reviews of the game: Mixed 62% of 61 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

Ling is an action role-playing game that has a lot of similarities, both gameplay and story, with the Dark Souls series of games.

We have to play as a character who is trying to find the meaning of existence and goes in search of his inner “I”. The player will have to go through a difficult path to get to the truth. Throughout its length, the character will face a lot of difficulties and obstacles that you will have to overcome.

You will be able to inflict weak and strong series of blows, having in your arsenal a powerful fist and a huge, heavy sword. Along the way, the hero will meet enemies who have different combat tactics, so the player will need to adapt to them in order to win.

Strong and weak opponents pose a serious danger to you, but there will be many locations where you will have to face really deadly enemies. Boss battles will require you to be dexterous, attentive and observant, because it is not so easy to determine their fighting style.

Explore the cold, desolate, withered world of Ling to discover the essence of your existence. Decent graphics will allow you to feel the atmosphere, and the soundtrack will make immersion in the game universe enjoyable and unforgettable. Intense hack and slash style gameplay gives the player the ability to use different types of attacks, use parry and dodge, which allows you to change the dynamics of the game.


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