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Release year: 2006
Developers: Stormfront Studios

OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2400+
Video: 128 Mb
RAM: 512 Mb

Version: Latest version (Full) in English

Project Eragon, as the name implies, was created based on the film and book of the same name. The story is dedicated to Eragon. The boy is the last dragon rider. He will have to free the country of Alagesia from the usurper Galbatorix.

The young man is helped by the fire-breathing creature Sapphira. At her birth, the protagonist acquires magical abilities. The plot ends with the invasion of the army of the dark magician Darza. Those who are not familiar with this fantasy world are first brought up to date with the help of a couple of screensavers.

Eragon refers to slashers. The hero can make a strong and weak attack. Their alternation allows you to apply combo attacks. In battle, you can do captures, kicks, blocks, sweeps. Even a young man knows how to run, balance on beams and climb over ledges. There are moments when they are allowed to ride on a winged reptile and burn enemies with fire during the flight.

The character does not travel to the destination alone. In addition to the dragon, Brom or Murtagh accompanies him. The partner is controlled by a computer. But you can connect a second live player and go through the story in a cooperative. Fights here mostly take place with swords. Sometimes they are allowed to shoot from a bow and throw magic spells at enemies. As you progress, the savior of the world will receive new armor and a blade.

You need to save in the game at the checkpoints placed on the levels. The cards themselves are narrow corridors. But the locations are diverse: Eragon and his allies will visit mountains, castles, cities, forests and other picturesque places with a medieval atmosphere. During the stages, you can collect dragon eggs. Bonus videos open for them. The control on the keyboard is inconvenient, the control of the fighter is imprisoned for the gamepad.

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Size: 2.78 GB.
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

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