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Release year: 2016
Developers: New World Interactive

OS: 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 / AMD Phenom X3 8750
Video: 512 Mb
Place: 6 GB

Reviews of the game: Very positive 84% of 16,744 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

Day of Infamy was originally created as a mod for Insurgency, but soon became an independent addon in the shooter genre in the World War II setting. Actions of the multiplayer tactical simulator take place in Europe. Game cards are recreated on the basis of military conflicts that unfolded in 41-45 years of the last century.

The process is based on military operations during World War II:

  • Battles in Normandy and landings on the beach – a 1944 operation carried out by the Union to liberate the country from the Nazis.
  • Invasion of Crete – in 1941 Greece fights off the air forces of the Germans.
  • British-French evacuation of Dunkirk – the evacuation of Soviet soldiers in 1940 from the beaches and port of Dunkirk in northern France.
  • Western Allied invasion of Germany – an attack to capture the Rhine coast and the western part of the country during the last months of hostilities in the 45s.
  • The Italian Campaign and Sicily – The USSR is conducting a series of operations together in and around Italy.
  • The Battle of the Bulge is the last major German offensive campaign that was fought on the front from the West in 1944-1945.

The shooter offers 9 character classes to choose from, these are officer, shooter, attack, flamethrower, machine gunner, engineer, radio operator, sniper and support. Teams have a different number of support groupings available depending on the selected mode for supply points. Points are given for completed tasks and killing opponents. The team uses them to purchase weapons and equipment for fighters, select a class and a weight system that affects the user’s endurance and speed. The character dies from one shot.

The shooter is played in the following modes:

  • Frontline – at 5 control points, players are given the same number of waves of reinforcements. Groupings receive a destroyed HQ Radio or a control point. The winner must destroy all of these targets.
  • Invasion – based on attack and defense. The attacking group receives 25% reinforcements and performs a number of tasks, during which it is necessary to destroy the enemy radio headquarters.
  • Offensive – the defenders receive endless reinforcements, and here the regrouping occurs when the dead comrades are revived.
  • Liberation – two teams operate in similar conditions, and bonuses are given for taking targets behind the enemy line.
  • Intel is an analogue of capturing the flag, where you need to take over the folder with information from the defenders.
  • Shootout – to destroy the enemy grouping, you need to capture all the important points of the enemy.
  • Sabotage – An attacking group seeks out, infiltrates, and destroys enemy defenses.

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