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Cyber ​​Chicken Poster

Release year: 2016
Developers: WHOA

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 4850
Place: 2GB

Version: Latest Version (Full)

Cyber ​​Chicken – an adventure game where you have to fight with an 8-foot pumped rooster. The bird has cybernetic implants and is designed as a death machine. Complete a series of missions done in quixotic style. The game contains a huge amount of humor and sarcasm. The gameplay is done in an old school way and presented in a 2.5D perspective. This is a side scroller where you have to fight against a huge number of enemies, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

The visual style draws inspiration from the comics and features many pop culture references. Use different weapons to fight your opponents. The story of the cyber chicken takes you to a cyberpunk future. In futuristic New York, an uprising has begun. The protagonist realizes that he was framed. Now he must single-handedly challenge intergalactic forces while uncovering a conspiracy between Big Bucks Coffee corporations, The Fakebook and space leader GW!

Cyber ​​Chicken Features:

  • several types of weapons and 45 upgrades;
  • 13 campaign levels in a semi-open world;
  • double jumping, dashing, ground slamming and wall climbing, etc.;
  • buy upgrades using credits, but fear the wrath of the Collector;
  • fully voiced characters and 40 original tracks written specifically for the game.

The game is inspired by a huge number of works, including literature, cinema and video games. Among the inspirations, the developers note the story of Don Quixote, refer to the Terminator and Blade Runner, as well as Batman, Duke Nukem and Super Metroid. The gameplay is a mix of all the above titles.

Cyber ​​Chicken screenshots:

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Size: 1.04 GB.
Version: Latest Version (Full)

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