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Release year: 2005
Developers: Mindware Studios

OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Video: DirectX 9.0 compatible, NVIDIA GeForce 3 / ATI Radeon 8500 or better 64 Mb Video memory card
RAM: 384 Mb
Place: 1 GB

Reviews of the game: Mixed 62% of 163 positive reviews
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

Cold War: Staying Alive is an Action/Stealth game developed by Czech developers Mindware Studios and published by DreamCatcher Games on September 27, 2005.

The plot of the game takes place in the mid-80s, the cold war between the US and the USSR is in full swing. The protagonist of the game is an American journalist named Matthew Carter. His goal is to win a Pulitzer Prize by writing a sensational article about the Soviet Union. He leaves for Moscow on April 25, 1986. 12 hours after the arrival of the protagonist is robbed, stripped, beaten to a pulp and thrown into a prison for political prisoners. Matthew Carter’s first priority is to get out of prison, but later he learns about the impending sabotage of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Once in the cycle of events, the reporter realizes that an attempt to uncover a conspiracy at such a high level is deadly. But he has no choice – he needs to save people, because the impending explosion at the nuclear power plant is only the beginning.

The gameplay of the game is designed for stealth, the developers from Mindware Studios were clearly inspired by such games as Splinter Cell and Metal Gear. The game has a unique item, an X-ray camera, with its help we can observe the enemy through obstacles, make fuel explosions and temporarily deprive enemies of consciousness. There are also firearms in the game, although there are not many of them, and cartridges will be sorely lacking. The game has a built-in crafting system through which the player can create and upgrade tools and weapons. The variety of enemies is not numerous, but each is unique, for example, scientists and workers are not able to fight, but only raise the alarm.

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Size: 922.00 Mb.
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

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