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Release year: 2012
Developers: MoaCube

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
RAM: 512 Mb
Place: 200 Mb

Reviews of the game: Very positive 88% of 430 reviews are positive
Version: Latest Version (Full)

cinders is a visual novel offering a fresh take on the classic Cinderella story. The developers have tried to make the heroine and characters much deeper and more mature. In the center of the storyline is the girl Cinders, who lives with her evil stepmother and her two daughters. Unlike Cinderella, Cinders is not afraid to take fate into her own hands.

The fate of the four women is revealed in the process of passing. The creators give an answer to the question of what made them who they are. The questions raised in the game relate to freedom, dreams, sisterhood and happiness. However, the peculiarity of Cinders is that the story goes against the classical moral norms of fairy tales.

Depending on the decisions made, the course of history changes. In total, there are about 120 global forks and 300 passage options. The gameplay offers you to completely influence the character of the main character. You, along with the protagonist, decide your own destiny. Watch one of the many endings prepared by the developers.

The main characters of the game:

  • Cinders is the protagonist of the story. She got her nickname from her father because of her red hair;
  • Sofia is the younger sister. Very smart, but terribly cynical;
  • Gloria is the eldest in the family. Incredibly arrogant and tries to imitate her mother in everything;
  • Lady Carmosa is the heroine’s stepmother. Despite her intelligence and insight, she is terribly despondent and ruthless;
  • Madame Guede – a healer and a close friend of the real mother Cinders;
  • Fairy is a mysterious creature that lives near the Lake. Offers help, but it’s up to you to trust her;
  • Prince Basil is a future king in search of a wife.

The secondary characters are such heroes as Tobias, a childhood friend of Cinderella and a local merchant. You can have a romantic relationship with him if you refuse the prince. Perrot is the captain of the royal guard. Another potential groom. The shady character is an evil stunted creature who makes poison for Karmosa if the player wants to poison her stepmother.


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