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Blood Poster

Release year: 1997
Developers: Monolith Productions

OS: all
CPU: 75MHz
Video: 3D
RAM: 16 Mb

Version: Latest Version (Full)

Blood is a classic and legendary action shooter with a first-person view, in which the player will need to fight against hordes of enemies.

The plot of the game tells about Caleb and his beloved girl, who joined the religious cult of the Cabal. The main character also joined this community, together they worshiped the Chervogod and were chosen to meet with the deity. But accusing them of treason, the revered creature killed most of the fanatics, Caleb ended up in the grave, and his beloved was kidnapped. After a while, our hero rises from the coffin, picks up a rusty pitchfork and goes to take revenge, killing crowds of worshipers of the Chervobog and other creatures. The plot of the game is outstanding, but its presence in such a shooter is a good bonus for players.

You have to go through numerous levels and get to the lever to go to the next location. The path will be blocked by numerous cult followers, the walking dead, the demons of hell and other evil spirits. The abundance of enemies means a lot of combat tactics, because any collision can be fatal.

Caleb’s arsenal is extensive, everyone can choose their favorite weapon for themselves. Pitchfork, flare gun, double-barreled shotgun, Thompson machine gun, voodoo doll, dynamite and other types of weapons – all this will help in difficult fights. The player will have to go through interesting levels with traps, ambushes, labyrinths, secrets and boss fights, incinerating his enemies along the way. The game is seasoned with humor, there are constant funny phrases, references to cinema and other projects.

The visual design is excellent, each level is worked out, attention to small details is noticeable. The soundtrack makes you feel fear and tension during the battles, which maintains the atmosphere of horror. Blood definitely deserves attention if you are a fan of meat shooters that allow you to relax after a hard day.

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