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Release year: 2005
Developers: Monte Cristo

OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1.2GHz
Video: 32MB
RAM: 128MB
Place: 800MB

Version: Latest version (Full) in English

7 Sins takes gamers to Apple City. It was to this abode of all human vices that Jay Falcon, nicknamed Luke, came. He dreams of getting into the eastern and southern part of the settlement, where only the elite lives. Also, the protagonist wants to conquer the entire metropolis.

This project is aimed at an adult audience. 7 Sins is a third-person life simulation game. The young man starts his career in a store. Gradually, he will be able to change professions and places of work. For example, getting positions in the fight club, the Escorago restaurant, the salon for sadomasochists, the fashion establishment Eden, and stuff like that. With the help of ingenuity and charm, the guy will eventually become more and more popular. During a conversation with an NPC, you can choose topics and a behavior model: humor, pity, love, money, flattery, etc. If you “pump” the relationship with the interlocutor, then Luke will be offered to sleep with her. The Lovelace himself has 3 scales: anger, stress and excitement. It is important to follow them, otherwise the adventurer will get out of control and start behaving as inappropriately as possible. In case of failure, you will have to restart the level. Good deeds also allow doing. They will reset the limit of evil deeds (it will not work to constantly engage in small and not very dirty tricks).

The built-in editor allows you to customize the appearance of the antihero. Outside of work, he visits acquaintances, steals or spoils other people’s things, communicates with beauties at discos, and takes girls to his home. The game has a storyline with a demonstration of all mortal sins on the example of the story of the protagonist. At the end, users and their protégés will face the final test. The story is divided into seven chapters and consists of 60 episodes. There is a lot of content here: 20 locations, 100 characters, 200 items. The project has the ability to decorate your home and participate in arcade mini-games.

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Size: 1.24 GB.
Version: Latest version (Full) in English

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