This article lists the basic tips for beginners to play CS: Go (although experienced players will also be able to learn a lot of valuable for themselves). Some of them are rookie mistakes, others will just raise your overall level of play. Of course, you should not expect that the implementation of these techniques will immediately turn you into a professional player, but these things are worth thinking about when taking the first steps in the game, and experienced players will be able to try them out in practice.

While some general tips will be based on your feel for the game, others will be useful in specific situations.

What not to do

  • Never point your scope at the floor or at your feet (a common mistake for those who haven’t reached DMG rank).
  • Don’t lean out of cover as soon as you hear the sound of a bomb being cleared. Wait about 3 seconds before acting.
  • Do not try to finish off the enemy with one burst if you did not manage to do it with the first 10 shots. Get behind cover, then shoot again.
  • Do not attempt to walk if the enemy is aware of your presence or there is only one entrance (for example, route B on the Inferno map).
  • Don’t reload while in a dangerous position with more than 5-6 rounds in your clip. Find cover first, then reload.
  • Don’t peek out of cover until you finish reloading.
  • Do not buy a helmet if the opponents have AWP or AK, and you do not have extra money.
  • Don’t play an eco round with around $3500 for terrorists or $4000 for CTs (and don’t buy a helmet) knowing that the opposing team is low on cash.
  • (IMPORTANT!) Do not play an eco round if you lost the pistol round (exception: when playing as terrorists, you managed to plant a bomb). Buy a helmet with a pistol, scout or MAG-7. On the fourth round, you will be able to buy, regardless of how you spend the second. In addition, winning the second round is not so difficult, since the opposing team also does not have a lot of money.
  • Do not stand behind a player (especially if he has an AWP) peeking around a corner. If he misses, he will need to quickly hide and if you interfere with him, he will most likely die.
  • Do not rush forward and do not expose yourself to bullets if you are carrying a bomb. Just leave her in a safe place where she won’t be seen by the opposing team.
  • Never peek out using the forward key. Always use a strafe.
  • Don’t run with a grenade in your hand. Movement speed with a knife is higher than with a grenade.
  • Never scold your teammates: the game will not improve from this.

What to do

  • Fire a head-height preemptive shot at popular ambush spots.
  • Place a deceptive bomb to lure the enemy out of cover. Hold “E” until you hear a sound, then quickly press “1” to draw your weapon.
  • When deactivating the bomb, use a step to get close, press “E” several times to create a defuse sound, and move to the side at a large angle to the original position. When the terrorists peek out of hiding, you will be in an unexpected place for them.
  • Use flash grenades defensively as CT. When attacking aggressively, smoke grenades may not fire in time. Flash drives will help you buy time and possibly get a free frag.
  • Use Molotov cocktails in popular ambush spots and watch your opponents scatter for their lives.
  • Use incendiary grenades to give your teammates time (7 seconds) to change position.
  • Use the most suitable position to plant the bomb in the current situation. In most cases, the players try to sneak the bomb in the safest way, while breaking through with the team head-on would be optimal. Learn the location of the bomb sites and the routes to them so that you always use the right one.
  • Help your teammates with blinding grenades. In most cases, their use does not require high casting skills. Tell your teammate that you will drop the flash so he can look out and maybe make a frag.
  • Explore all smoke grenade locations on different maps while playing as Terrorists. YouTube is here to help.
  • Try to accept that your teammate is probably better at AWP than you.
  • Buy in round 3 if you managed to plant a bomb in rounds 1 or 2, but it was deactivated. You should still have about $4500, which is enough.
  • Study the recoil trajectory of the most popular weapons (AK, M4A1). Once again, YouTube will help you.
  • Always be friendly and optimistic. Your chances of winning back are increased by 80% if you don’t lose heart. The statistics confirm.

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