Domino: The Little One is a game on iOS, Android and PC that comes out November 23. So far, a page has appeared for it on Steam, but it is not yet available on the App Store or Google Play. The PC version supports controllers, so you should expect the same at least from the iOS version.

DOMINO: The Little One is a platformer with a story that spans 4 chapters. Each of them will have its own topic, for example: the harm of plastic, the disappearance of forests, minerals, and so on. Locations are hand-drawn, and even small decisions will affect the outcome.

As reported by the publication pocketgamerDOMINO: The Little One is made by Beko, a Turkish company specializing in the production of household appliances.

One of Beko’s top managers reported that 68% of gamers want to help the Earth. Just playing Domino will allow them to think more deeply about problems and, perhaps, begin to take some action. The developers say that the “message” of this game is suitable for people of all ages.



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