Siege Camp has released the Naval Warfare add-on for multiplayer MilSim Foxhole, which was announced back in early October. The game now features naval battles, new maps for battles, as well as a large set of new ships and mechanics. If you haven’t played Foxhole before, now is the time to grab it with a 33% discount in honor of the DLC release – only in Steam and for PC.

The main feature of the new Naval Warfare add-on is the naval gameplay. Previously, players had the opportunity to move only on land, but now the sea with dozens of ships and even landing on land is open to everyone.

The DLC makes excellent use of the main distinguishing feature of Foxhole – each player is only part of the overall whole. You cannot control a tank, ship or squad, your goal is to be responsible for a small part of the ship: navigation, guns or, for example, the engine compartment.

Another difficulty of the addition to the combat system is that you can’t just take and sink an enemy ship. You will have to shoot at the weakest points and hope that the team does not eliminate the holes.



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