Studio ZA/UM added to PC version Disco Elysium collage mode. This is something like a photo mode, where you can not only take unusual shots, but also change dialogues – yes, now you can write fanfiction right in the game!

What collage mode allows:

  • Drag characters, rotate them, resize them, place them in any location and choose poses for them.

  • Paste your own text anywhere, including in the FELD dialogue reel.

  • Apply filters including rain, fog and snow, and change the time of day.

  • Sculpt stickers with objects and clothes – for example, put a gun in someone’s hand or pull gloves on a character.

  • Choose frames. Among them are Kis Kisuragi, Fuck the World, Visual Reconstruction, and Building Communism.

Besides, in Disco Elysium appeared “never seen scenes from the rich history of Martinez” and fresh lines from the narrator.

The update will be released on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the coming days.


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