Hello AppTime readers and viewers. Valery Nikitenkov, editor-in-chief and voice of the weekly digest of news for the past week, is in touch. And it turned out to be snowy and chilly, so we sat at home, wrapped in a warm blanket and drank delicious tea.

The following happened over the week: Reverse 1999 was released on smartphones, Riot Games and Electronic Arts are preparing global versions of their mobile games, Supercell is conducting a beta test of its new project, and indie developers are copying from major titles. First things first.

The release of Reverse 1999 was successful

I’ll start with the release of the global version of Reverse 1999 on iOS and Android. This game is more like a visual novel interspersed with turn-based battles. At least without a good knowledge of English it will be difficult to play, since then Reverse 1999 will turn into a dialogue skipping simulator. And the plot in it is very important, I will share it in a separate review on AppTime.

Interestingly, the release of Reverse 1999 went off without any hiccups – players gave this game high marks, although at its core it is just another anime gacha. It’s a pity that there is no Russian language.

Trial run of War Spell: Team Tactics

An early version of the game War Spell: Team Tactics has appeared on Android, which can be called an alternative to RAID: Shadow Legends. In it, the player creates a team of rare heroes, and then watches as they automatically destroy waves of opponents.

For downloading and logging into War Spell: Team Tactics, the developers promise rewards for quickly summoning and leveling up heroes. I expect that progress will be removed before the global release because of this. As for the gameplay, you need to go through story missions, after which they can send you to PvP and raids.

Chinese Valorant Mobile will be converted into a global one

Insiders from Reporters on Duty have information that publisher Riot Games took the Chinese version of Valorant Mobile as a basis in order to remake it for a global audience. As a result, it will be closer to the PC version.

The global Valorant Mobile beta test is scheduled for late this year or early next year. It is believed that some content creators have already tried an earlier version, but they cannot say anything, otherwise there will be fines.

High Energy Heroes (Apex Legends Mobile 2.0) could be released in 2024

Let’s talk about another Chinese game – High Energy Heroes. The same insiders reported that the release of the global version is scheduled for 2024. It is being developed by the LightSpeed ​​studio, which worked on PUBG Mobile. In this case, Respawn Entertainment will be responsible for the work, and Electronic Arts will probably be the publisher.

If this is the case, then I expect High Energy Heroes to also be changed, taking some elements and bringing the game closer to the PC version of Apex Legends. As for the Apex Legends Mobile 2.0 beta test, it is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Era of Conquest is a F2P Civilization

The strategy Era of Conquest from China received a global version and was released on the App Store and Google Play. Benedict Cumberbatch won’t let you lie – he actually became the ambassador of this game. As for the project itself, it is a multiplayer strategy with a huge map to accommodate all the states. By the way, at the start, players choose an ancient nation, and in general the gameplay is reminiscent of the Civilization series, only with F2P elements and for smartphones.

Among the advantages of Era of Conquest, I will note the beautiful picture, free commanders through the gacha system and an eye on PvP battles as you level up. In addition to showdowns on the world map, there are story missions that take place in RTS format with an eye on casual gamers. This did not stop Era of Conquest from receiving high ratings in the App Store and Google Play, but there are still few downloads. Apparently, it was necessary to take Yegor Creed as ambassador.

Turbo Tornado takes its special effects well from NFS Unbound

The racing game Turbo Tornado has been released on Android worldwide. It involves driving through the open world, or rather through a city at night. You can also participate in lap races and compete with bot racers. The graphics are at the level of the Asphalt series, the controls are so-so, but what is most attractive are the special effects taken from the game Need for Speed ​​Unbound.

Turbo Tornado received high reviews from release – 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play and more than 10,000 downloads. At the same time, even enthusiastic gamers are asking to add more features and change the time of day. In my news I also indicated what games the GRAYPOW studio was making.

Supercell Beta Tests Game mo.co

The mo.co game has entered beta testing on Android. You can only download the game client directly through American Google Play. In this project, the player takes on the role of a monster hunter who goes on short raids with friends and random colleagues.

Mo.co seems like an interesting experiment, at least Supercell is trying to move beyond the success of Brawl Stars and come up with something new. In general, this game can be called an arcade replacement for Monster Hunter, especially since Monster Hunter Now with augmented reality has become a Japanese phenomenon. So there is a demand for something like this. Let’s see if mo.co can make it to release.

Wizard of Legend is out on smartphones

At the end of the digest, the game Wizard of Legend remained – it was ported to iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the project is not available in the Russian Federation, and it is also premium with a price tag of 753 rubles. This game will suit the hardcore gamer, so think before you buy, will you be able to fight multiple enemies in a small room, saving HP for future battles?

Wizard of Legend is a dungeon crawler with over 100 spells and relics that change the way a wizard plays. The controls are touchscreen, the graphics are pixelated, and the setting is medieval fantasy. The main thing is to learn how to create combos from the cards of your build. You can also play with friends via local co-op over Wi-Fi or participate in PvP, also over the local network.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for visiting AppTime and following the news, guides and using the Market for purchases. Not saying goodbye.


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