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In it I will talk about the lukewarm release of Warcraft Rumble, the controversial release of Silent Hill: Ascension, which major games entered the beta test stage and which racing simulator looks like a typical mobile arcade without being one. Go!

Silent Hill: Ascension has divided fans of the franchise into 2 camps

Silent Hill: Ascension can hardly be called an interactive movie, a stream of episodes or a game. This game unusually combines all this, simultaneously making you fall in love with yourself and repelling you from yourself.

Silent Hill: Ascension was released on iOS and Android, but not in Russia. A week later, the game is in 13th place in the top adventure games on the App Store. Only even the Americans gave her low marks. They think it’s a low-budget find-the-hidden-objects game. Players also need to go to the broadcast of new episodes, participating in QTEs and voting for the fate of the heroes. Of course, the more you donate, the more weight your voice will have.

But don’t think that Ascension is worth giving up on and passing by. Most likely, this game was not liked by hardened Silent Hill fans who do not accept experiments with the original formula and know the passage of the first parts by heart. Because newcomers to this franchise liked this game, found it fun and interesting.

Ashfall beta test – what to expect from it?

Chinese publisher NetEase Games is recruiting beta test participants for the game Ashfall. Let me remind you that this is a survivalist in an almost open world with friends. In this project you need to build a base, complete tasks and fight in both PvE and PvP. Most of all, this game captivates with its modern graphics and post-apocalypse, so similar to the Fallout series.

So, the beta test for Ashfall will be held in China from November 16 to 30. Gamers on iOS, Android and PC will be able to play. But you need to submit an application, because without qualifications you won’t be able to get on the servers. The link to the Chinese market is in the latest news.

Fire Warrior 2 has entered beta testing

So far, Valorant Mobile is only preparing for testing in China; Fire Warrior 2 is already undergoing beta testing in this country. This is a game similar in gameplay, where gamers are divided into 2 teams, choose an operative and participate in shootouts in the arenas of the future.

You can play Fire Warrior 2 on Android until November 9th. The Chinese praise the developers for improvements compared to May testing. But when compared to other first-person shooters, this game falls short. One of the advantages of the new version is that we have added operator skills to make a specific build to suit your playing style. Also, mythical weapons are not much better in terms of damage than regular ones.

Shades: Shadow Fight is close to release

The mobile game Shades: Shadow Fight is undergoing a trial launch in Asia and can be pre-ordered on iOS and Android in other regions. The release is scheduled for November 7, so the wait won’t be long.

Despite the smooth animations and the addition of roguelike elements, players still complain about Shades: Shadow Fight. They note that the enemy bot reads the player’s actions, dodging attacks in advance and attacking him at the moment when he is least protected. Because of this, the project seems unbalanced and focused on constant playthroughs and donations, rather than on skill.

Soul Knight Prequel is in beta testing

Another game that entered the short beta test stage is Soul Knight Prequel. You can play on Android via Asia. Since this is an English version, we can hope for a global release soon.

There is no need to qualify to participate in Soul Knight Prequel testing – download the client, log in through your Play Market account and select a class. Just to remove all errors, you need to set the English language on your device.

I note that you will be able to play Soul Knight Prequel until November 6th. After this, the servers will be closed and the progress will be deleted.

Warhammer 40,000: Is Warpforge better than Hearthstone?

The card game Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge came out on smartphones and reached the top 10 card projects in the App Store, overtaking Hearthstone. Meanwhile, it has an average rating of 3.6 stars.

Nevertheless, Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge has a Russian language, and those who have played praise the project for having races with unique melee and ranged combat mechanics. Also, the cards are bright and memorable.

As for farming resources to create new cards, there is no need to do this – everything you need is knocked out through the plot and the forge.

Warcraft Rumble has become an alternative to WoW Mobile

When Warcraft Rumble was first announced, a lot of hate poured towards the game, because players were expecting World of Warcraft Mobile. At first it seemed that this was another Clash Royale replacement with a PvP focus, but no. As with Diablo Immortal, Blizzard placed an emphasis on the PvE campaign.

Warcraft Rumble was released on iOS and Android, rising to 1st place in the top action games on the App Store. It has a high rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, but there are few reviews yet.

I played it and I can say that you can use a guest or a Battle.net account to log in. The Russian language has also been added to the game, and the small figurines of orcs and other characters from the world of Warcraft look really cute.

Rally simulator Art of Rally will be released on smartphones

Art of Rally is an arcade and vertical racing game for iOS and Android, but in reality it is a rally simulator with simple graphics and beautiful locations. The player has full control of the car, including turning into turns with the handbrake.

The release of Art of Rally will take place on December 14, until then the game can be pre-ordered for 449 rubles and a 40% discount. The Russian language will be available, and for the money spent players will receive 72 stages in different countries.

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