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This time we will discuss the successful release of Mortal Kombat: Onslaught, the unusual horror game “Franz”, 2 almost free parts of GTA, what to expect from Silent Hill: Ascension and everything that you might have missed, but conveniently collected in 1 place. Go!

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught broke into the top App Store despite criticism

The new mobile game Mortal Kombat: Onslaught was released on iOS and Android, receiving high marks from American players and taking 1st place in the top RPG App Store. This is despite the fact that fans of the MK franchise complained about casual gameplay and bugs. So, for Russian-speaking gamers the game crashed before the start of the battle. I advise you to change the system language to English.

In Mortal Kombat: Onslaught you need to summon rare heroes and assemble a team of 4 people. This is necessary to participate in group and automatic battles. Among the advantages, I would like to note the original plot and CGI video inserts. More information in the guide for beginners.

SquadBlast combines elements from roguelikes and shooters

SquadBlast was released on iOS, Android and PC. It is a 2D shooter with platforms and team shooting. Gamers must choose a hero with unique skills and guns. The arsenal of weapons is large, divided into types and rarity levels. There are several game modes, from 2v2 to 5v5.

Despite good reviews on the App Store and Google Play, SquadBlast turned out to be a niche game, and that’s even with cross-platform support. Gamers also encountered problems – some were kicked out of the game during a match, and others were unable to open certain loot boxes without donating.

Arcade car tuning simulator Forza Customs breaks into the top markets

Let’s go through another arcade – Forza Customs. This game was released on iOS and Android in all countries except the Russian Federation. At the same time, it will not be possible to download the client bypassing it, since the license of players with Russian Google Play accounts is being checked.

Now about Forza Customs itself. This is an arcade simulator of auto tuning, where you act as a mechanic. We need to select different parts and prepare the cars for racing. The developers have added a text-based storyline and match-3 missions that will be familiar to Homescapes players. Since its release, Forza Customs has been ranked in the top 80 racing games on the App Store and has received a 4.8 star rating on Google Play.

Mobile GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: Liberty City Stories can be downloaded and played for 30 minutes

Publisher Rockstar Games has updated the mobile games GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: Liberty City Stories. They were also added to the GTA+ subscription so as not to pay the full price for each project separately. You can also try these 2 projects for free for 30 minutes by downloading the client via the App Store and Google Play.

Among the advantages, I note the presence of the Russian language, the ability to skip the entrance through the Rockstar Club, 60 FPS and a detailed picture. The downside is that the audio track lags behind what’s happening on the screen, at least on Android 14.

The game Silent Hill: Ascension received a new trailer

The premiere of the interactive series Silent Hill: Ascension will take place on the night of November 1, Moscow time. Players will vote on decisions and watch several families from different countries at once. They are united by terrible crimes, mysticism and cults.

For Silent Hill: Ascension, they showed a new trailer with tense moments – the characters are constantly attacked by monsters in a foggy city or somewhere in the forest. Let me remind you that this game will not be available in Russia, and it will not have English.

Visual novel Franz asks to remove himself from his smartphone

Ice-Pick Lodge studio released the game “Franz”. It can be called an experiment, although the developers attribute it to the “visual novel” genre. Players must interact with the creature, which will ask about internal secrets, as well as respond to rough touches and send notifications. Players write that at some points Franz will ask to remove himself.

Thanks to its niche nature, Franz rose to the top 8 among App Store simulators, and also received high ratings – almost 5 stars in both markets. Despite technical issues for some players, the game is widely praised for its unique artistic style and courage to experiment.

The beta test of the Android version of Truck Life has begun in China

Meanwhile, a beta test of the truck driver simulator Truck Life is taking place in the Middle Kingdom. You can play on Android, the PC version is also available from August 6, 2020. It received mixed reviews, mostly losing out in comparisons to Euro Truck 2.

Truck Life will be of interest to those who have always wanted to drive along the virtual roads of China, delivering various cargo from a third and first person perspective. The developers promise large maps and dynamic weather changes. There are also many types of trucks – from small to huge. The control is completely manual, there is even a speed warning.

Starsky is reminiscent of No Man’s Sky and Starfield

In the end, I left the game Starsky, which attracted attention due to its gameplay. It is available on Android, but this is a premium project with a price tag of 329 rubles. The game is worth paying attention to due to its similarities with No Man’s Sky and Starfield. For example, you can fly in a spaceship and fly close to the planets. Unfortunately, there are also sub-loads, but they are short.

In general, the picture and graphics in Starsky look up to par. Players will have to survive on hostile planets and buy weapons to fight off the aliens. There is no big open world, but if you like simple space games, then give it a try.

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