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This time we’ll talk about the trial launch of the mobile game Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, the beta test of The Division Resurgence and Need for Speed ​​Mobile, as well as the release date of the mobile Hitman: Blood Money. Do you think that’s all? Not so! Make yourself comfortable, and let’s go.

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal will be released at the end of November

Let’s start with the mobile port of Hitman: Blood Money, which is being developed by publisher Feral Interactive. The game is scheduled to be released on iOS and Android on November 30. This will be a premium project with a price tag of 1,338 rubles. It’s a pity that they don’t sell it in the RU segment, but there will be Russian localization, according to the App Store.

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal will offer much more than just a mobile port. In addition to full customization of touch controls, there will be support for a controller and even a keyboard and mouse. The developers will also add features taken from the latest HITMAN games.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile beta test in China on iOS and Android

While the global version of Need for Speed ​​Mobile is just preparing for 2 releases in November and December, the Chinese version is already being tested on iOS and Android. Officially, those who have received an invitation and qualifications can get in, but the APK file is publicly available, but no one guarantees that you will go beyond the prologue. At least because you need a WeChat or QQ account.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile has something to show – it added special effects for cars that are a little reminiscent of Need for Speed ​​Unbound. The developers also expanded the standard map, which is often compared to NFS Heat. Our readers already know that this is not so – they took it as a basis, changing many areas for smartphones.

Ashfall has also entered a new testing phase

The next game for which the CBT is taking place in China is the survival game Ashfall. In theory, you can play on iOS, Android and PC, but only by invitation. At the same time, applications for participation are accepted until November 29, and the servers will be closed on the 30th.

So far, the main thing that Chinese testers don’t like is the publisher NeteEase Games. They say that aside from that, the story and gameplay are interesting and fun. There are only graphical problems that should be resolved before release. So far, the project looks too ambitious even for Chinese developers, so we should expect a release at least in 2024.

Trial launch of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds on smartphones

Gearbox just announced the mobile game Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, and its trial version is already ready. It can be played through the App Store and Google Play Philippines. The project received positive reviews.

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds has several modes – a single-player story campaign and cooperative challenges with friends. The gameplay is isometric, manual controls; There are also roguelike elements. So far everything looks great, but it’s worth waiting for the Russian language, as the items have long descriptions.

Tarisland is undergoing beta testing on various platforms

The cross-platform MMORPG is being tested on smartphones and PCs in the US and European countries. At first, the developers stated that only those who received a direct invitation would be able to play. It turned out that this is not entirely true – although qualification is an easier way to download the client and start playing, at least at the start of the beta test, Android players could download the APK file bypassing it. There was a queue of 4,000 people waiting for them alone, with a waiting time of one and a half hours.

This is understandable, since a European server does not need a VPN, but for the USA it will be required. If we talk about innovations, then this is a new raid, 2 new classes and in-game purchases, which users managed to complain about. Like, before this, the Tarisland developers promised that donations would be gentle, but it turned out not to be the case – we have another semi-mobile game from China, where monetization is at the head of the table, whether Tencent wants to admit it or not. Of course, the publisher has already apologized and said that they will think about other forms of monetization. Well, take the flag into your hands.

Soul Knight Prequel will be released next week

Now about the good stuff – the mobile game Soul Knight Prequel will be released on November 24 in the App Store and Google Play. It will also be available in Russia and in Russian. At the release, you can expect gifts for pre-registration and events in honor of the launch for accelerated leveling.

Soul Knight Prequel focuses on cooperative play and in-depth leveling of your class. The game promises to be fun, so I will continue to follow this pixelated world with chibi characters, new seasons and hundreds of types of armor that need to be knocked out of monsters in dungeons.

Announcement of RF Online Next for smartphones – fans are unhappy

RF Online Next is a mobile game based on the RF Online universe. It was announced during the Korean exhibition G-Star 2023. The project is being developed for iOS, Android and PC; The publisher will be Netmarble. Players will be able to create their own avatar and give him a biosuit. With its help, you can fly freely, changing altitude, accelerating and descending sharply. Locations and biomes will be different; They will be used to complete tasks and participate in PvP.

In RF Online Next you will also be able to pilot a huge mech robot. This will help in large-scale raids against even more gigantic bosses. You also need to fight against other players for control of resources. This game will also have a plot where our character dreams of becoming a hero since childhood and eventually becomes one. There will also be an event mode with elements from roguelikes, where you need to fend off waves of enemies, choose cards with random power-ups and not die.

The Division Resurgence beta test on smartphones and PCs

At the end, I left testing The Division Resurgence, which you can participate in through Australia on Android and PC. In total, the game is available in 3 countries: USA, Brazil and Australia. Login is free, so if you have VPN enabled for Australia, you can log in through a guest or Ubi Connect account. The main thing is that the smartphone is supported.

In the new beta version, The Division Resurgence players received new training, clearer content, easier leveling and other innovations.

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