Rod Fergusson, video game producer and director of the Diablo franchise, appears in a new video for Diablo Immortal. This happened for a reason – Rod, together with his colleague, announced the Splintered Souls update. It should be the largest since the release of Immortal.

Among the innovations will be the Southern Dreadlands region.

Along with the new zone, new enemies with bosses will appear.

There will also be new raid bosses.

It’s difficult to cope with them alone, so here are new helpers. They not only need to be collected, but also upgraded and evolved.

Don’t forget about the appearance of your hero – he should always be “in style”.

And if you don’t like the color of hellfire, then there is a frostier option.

The Splintered Souls update will be released in mid-December, as the US prepares to celebrate Christmas. So, although Blizzard does not name the exact date, Americans will officially begin their vacation on December 23rd.

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