Devout Cleric in Neverwinter Online is able to heal and strengthen his party members in every possible way

To begin with, let’s figure out who it is – the Devoted Cleric. This is, first of all, the so-called support class. And this means that the main work of this character is to help his group. It consists in healing and strengthening party members, that is, exactly what healers usually do. By the way, in Neverwinter Online this role is called the role of the Leader (it is not known why, but this is not important).

Devout Cleric is a class in high demand. Why? Yes, simply because he is perhaps the best healer in the game. It’s easy enough to get through most dungeons without strong damage dealers, but with a decent tank and heal. A little more difficult, but still, perhaps, passing without a strong tank, just on the condition that the group deals good damage and there is a healer in it. But it’s almost impossible to complete the dungeon without this same healer, no matter how good the group is. Therefore, the class was, is and will be in demand. And now we’ll talk about how to properly pump the Devout Cleric.

The main features of the class

neverwinter online devout cleric stats, raceThe main characteristic for the cleric is Wisdom, the secondary one is Strength and Charisma. Race choose the one you like

First, let’s look at the characteristics. Primary for us is Wisdom, secondary – Strength and Charm. And, we can say this right away – forget about the Force. You don’t need it, that is, at all. Instead, focus on developing Wisdom and Charisma. Wisdom amplifies our damage and, most importantly, the power of our healing spells. In addition, high Wisdom makes all of our controls more effective, and improves resistance to enemy control. Charm also speeds up the cooldown of skills (we heal more often, we heal better), it also improves the efficiency of our companions, which will not be superfluous in PvE.

Another feature of the class is that the choice of race is not particularly important here. You can take a person, due to his additional points of heroic skills, you can take someone with charm or wisdom. Unless you should take a half-orc, but otherwise it all depends on who you like best.

Unlike many other classes, the choice of the pumping path does not play such an important role here. There are only two of these paths – this is the Divine Oracle and the Proclaimed Champion. The Devotee is perhaps a little more useful due to its buffs, but the Oracle is pretty good too. In general, then decide for yourself what you like best. But the Ways of the Ideal here are different, and each is interesting in its own way. The first, the Righteous, specializes in HoTs (Heal over Time) and gives allies additional protection from damage. The Adept, on the other hand, works best with instant heals and is especially good at healing the badly wounded. . Well, the third path, Piety, allows the cleric to weaken the attacks of opponents.

Build and leveling of the Devout Cleric in PvE

neverwinter cleric online build, levelingThe main goal of a devout Cleric is to heal and strengthen allies, so immediately distribute your skills correctly and level up in a group

The first thing you need to understand is that we are not in the business of dealing damage. Our main goal is to heal and strengthen allies – based on this, we choose skills. Of the free skills, the Astral Seal is especially useful for us, which we put on the enemy that our group attacks, the rest of the skills are strictly optional. From combat skills, we develop Solar Flare, Healing Word, Health Bastion and Astral Shield. Well, from the daily skills we take the Blessed Land and Divine Armor.

Now choose heroic skills. Again, ignore everything that increases our damage. You will definitely need to take skills such as Healing Deed, Great Luck, Soul Reshaping, Purification and Blessed Luck. By the way, the last skill enhances your power, which you must develop to the maximum possible level – here is the very case when there is no limit after which you can not develop.

And finally, we move on to the path of the ideal. For a beginner, the Adept is best, and we don’t have unnecessary skills here. We take everything for which there are enough skill points, and in no case do not forget about the Agent of the Divine. This skill will allow that ally who is attacked by a crowd of opponents not to die. This is especially useful in the case of a tank.

And now – a few words about pumping. Some players suggest doing a build for leveling, in which our cleric will heal a little and damage a little.

For a solo game, this option will still be acceptable, but in a party they will not take such a heal. Therefore, we develop according to the proposed build, and swing only in a group.

Get used to working in a group, and soon you will notice how in demand you will become when passing dungeons, and how fast your leveling will become.

Build Earnest Cleric PvE


neverwinter online game devout cleric review, guideIf you want to help your comrades-in-arms, ensure quick and easy passage of dungeons, and support the group in every possible way – choose a Devoted Cleric

Devout Cleric is not the class that will suit those who like to shred everything alive.

At the same time, the main difficulty of the game for them is not so much the mechanics that are difficult to master (just getting used to it is not difficult), but the responsibility that lies with you. After all, if you are inattentive, let the tank die or, even worse, “lie down” yourself, the group will most likely die too. And you will be the one to blame.

On the other hand, your skill can provide a quick and easy passage through the dungeon, and other party members will only thank you.

In general, if you like support classes, then you should definitely play Fervent Cleric. And may the blessings of good luck be with you!


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