Eric Baroni (Eric Barone), also known as ConcernedApe, continues to work on the next game. She became ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier. Developer posted a new screenshot of the project and chatted with fans.

In half a day, the tweet with the picture gained more than seventy thousand likes – apparently, the players are looking forward to the new creation Baroni. The screenshot shows the main character in something like a basement.

A lot of people gathered under the post with questions, so the game designer answered some of them.

  • Haunted Chocolatier – independent work, not Stardew Valley 2. However, the developer admits that both projects may share a common lore. While there is no exact vision of how strongly the games will connect with each other.

  • Production Haunted Chocolatier goes well enough, but it’s in the middle of a long grind.

Game development takes a lot of time, and I make mine completely from scratch. Except in rare cases of reusing some elements from stardewif it makes sense.

Eric Baroni

  • Everyday activities in the novelty are similar to those in stardew valleybut feel differently. Baroni recalled that in Haunted Chocolatier gamers will not take care of the farm, but will be engaged in the production of chocolate.
  • The game does not use special technologies to reflect light. According to the game designer, this is just pixel art.

  • Price Haunted Chocolatier should not be higher than stardew valley.

  • According to approximate calculations, the project will take a little less than one gigabyte on the media.

  • Most likely, Haunted Chocolatier will not visit mobile devices – the developer is not yet able to give an exact answer.

  • Mostly Baroni does exactly HC and spends some time stardew valley. He is not involved in any other projects. Probably, his cooperation with a group of developers ended – together they worked on a third-party game.

Haunted Chocolatier hasn’t got a release date yet. Baroni is definitely going to release the game on PC, and other “major platforms” are in question.


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