The Korean company NCsoft continues to delight players with trailers for upcoming projects at the exhibition G-Star 2023. Next up is the MMO third-person shooter Project LLL, which will feature an open world, epic battles and a dynamic environment. According to company representative Jaehyun Bae:

“In Project LLL, players will be able to immerse themselves in an open world, immediately wielding a vast arsenal of weapons and different skill combinations.”

The Project LLL trailer turned out to be very detailed: they showed a lot of gameplay and plot points. Apparently, we will play as one of the soldiers who must complete a mission on Earth. At the very beginning, we are given special equipment and weapons, and then we are placed in a capsule and sent down from a spaceship.

Immediately after the hero lands on the planet, it becomes clear that the world of Project LLL is truly huge. The locations are radically different from each other, and there is also dynamic weather and changing time of day.

The next part of the trailer is entirely devoted to the gameplay: traveling by transport, flying in a helicopter, as well as a kind of jetpack on which the hero can move around the world are shown.

Our main enemies in Project LLL will be strange creatures that are not very similar to humans. They were probably the beginning of the end for human civilization. They also showed not only shootouts, but also various features: energy shields, grenades, Molotov cocktails, invisibility, and even huge mechs that the player can control.

But the developers saved the most interesting moment of the game for the end of the trailer – a strange mixture of Metro 2033 and The Forest. The character goes down into the underground and discovers there many human remains, strange substances and tentacles, as well as eggs from which many-armed and many-legged creatures emerge.

The release of Project LLL is expected in 2024, but without specifying a specific date. The project is being created for PC and unnamed consoles using the Unreal Engine 5.


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