The Australian Classification Board (ACB), which assigns age ratings to games, revealed some details unannounced part of Silent Hill: The Short Message. Apparently, the game will contain scenes of suicide and self-harm. Previously, a similar leak had already occurred when the game was rated by the South Korean Rating Committee.

In response to the leaks, Konami had to share details about the future of the horror series. At the moment, along with the remake Silent Hill 2 developers are creating more several projects: Silent Hill Townfall from Scottish studio NoCode and Silent Hill F with a completely new story about Japan in the 1960s. The previously mentioned Silent Hill: The Short Message was not included in this list, but it is known that it will be an independent game, indirectly related to Silent Hill F.

The ACB report also included some details of the game itself, not just the classification by rating. The main character of the unannounced horror film will be Anita, who will explore a house called “Villa” and search for her missing friend Maya.


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