As you already know from this news, the next stage of closed beta testing of MMORPG Tarisland starts on November 12. The developers have prepared accompanying information about the CBT in the form of answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a general list of content.

When will the second CBT begin and how long will it last?

The second stage in the European region will begin on November 15, at 13:00 Moscow time.

Will there be a Russian language in the second CBT?

Yes, it will.

In which countries/regions will the second CBT be available?

The second CBT will be available in 16 countries/regions, including Russia and Belarus.

Will the data collected during the CBT be retained after the end of the CBT?

No, they will not do.

Will there be commercial content in this test?

For the first time in closed beta, additional in-game purchases will be introduced, marking an important milestone in our development. We strive to ensure that players find the game worth investing in and that any purchases they make will meet their expectations. We will share more information about this later.

What configuration is needed for the test?

  • GeForce GTX 1060, 30 GB of free space on the screw.
  • Android: Snapdragon 660 or higher, 4 GB memory or higher.

How do I apply?

Go to website, go through the registration procedure. Make sure your status has changed to “Registered”.

I didn’t participate in the previous playtest. Can I take part in this?

Yes you can.

I have a Level Infinite account. Do I need to register again?

No. Simply log in through your existing Level Infinite account on our website and ensure that you have successfully registered.

When is the recruitment deadline for this CBT?

November 12, at 23:59 (UTC+8).

How do I know if I have received access to the test?

Receive an email notification if you are selected for the test.

A certain number of slots will be reserved in this CBT to give more players the opportunity to join the playtest. Players who do not qualify can also join the playtest until the maximum server capacity is reached.

About CBT content

In the upcoming playtest, we will present 9 classes for players to choose from. In addition to the Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger, Barbarian Warrior, Paladin and Bard, we will be adding two completely new classes:

  • Shadow swordsman, master of melee damage.
  • A mysterious new class with the Ranged Damage and Healing specializations.
Details of the CBT MMORPG Tarisland - Russian language, new classes and server start time

At the same time, we also optimized specs and classes that players found less desirable in the last test. We invite all players to try out these changes during the playtest and give us their valuable feedback.

New Raid

In this playtest, players will be able to challenge two PvE raids, one of which is completely new. A new 10-player raid will be available first for a few days, bringing adventurers a never-before-seen challenge. New quest stories have also been added so that players can learn more background stories about this raid. We’ll share more about the alignment of this new raid and more details later.

Details of the CBT MMORPG Tarisland - Russian language, new classes and server start time

We’ve also made quantitative changes to the number of bosses in the Root of Corrosion raid, with more difficulty levels now available. We hope everyone enjoys the challenges.


This CBT also offers new content for those who love PvP. One arena and two battlefields will be available. We’ve also introduced a military rank system for PvP to improve combat tactics and gameplay.

Details of the CBT MMORPG Tarisland - Russian language, new classes and server start time

New system and gameplay

As we mentioned earlier, the new “Written Stone” skill system will be available in this playtest. We hope players can explore the endless possibilities these skills provide and share their thoughts and suggestions with us.

Details of the CBT MMORPG Tarisland - Russian language, new classes and server start time

We also developed the gameplay of “Dark Invasion”. In this special world map gameplay, players will fend off dark forces and receive special rewards.

The above is just a small part of what will be available in the upcoming playtest. We will reveal more information in the next few weeks.


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