In October and November, all three versions of the game (Lineage 2, Lineage 2 Legacy and Lineage 2 Essence) will receive major updates, and December will be dedicated to celebrating Lineage’s fifteenth anniversary.

The classic Lineage 2 will receive two new servers – Cadmus and Faris, which were available at the start of the game in Russia, and now, 15 years later, will be launched again. Players can expect level races and special events that will help them quickly develop their character and access high-level content.

Also this fall, players can expect the Shinemaker update, which includes: a new Shine Maker class, a new session zone Time Rift, new locations Langk Lizard Camp and Langk Lizard Temple. The update will be released on November 29.

An update to Kelbim’s Fortress is planned for Lineage 2 Legacy, which will add a new location Kelbim’s Fortress, a new boss Beast and a new dungeon – the underground Temple Cave. The update will be released on November 8. On the same day, new servers Antharas and Lindvior, named after the mighty dragons, children of the goddess Shilen, will be launched. Antharas is the earth dragon, and Lindvior is the wind dragon: players will be able to choose the closest element for themselves, and at the same time receive Agathion Phoenix as a gift.

In Lineage 2 Essence, the Seven Signs update will be released on October 25, which will add a new dungeon of the Seven Signs, the Fairy-Captured Lands location, strengthening the archer class, as well as new pieces of equipment.

Finally, Lineage 2, Lineage 2 Essense and Lineage 2 Legacy will host a series of events from December 6 to 27, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of Lineage 2 in Russia. Various prizes and gifts await players.


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