Exactly two days ago for the action MMO Destiny 2 came a global update beyond the light. And this is perhaps the most unusual update that has just come out for this game. What is its unusualness and what to expect from the game as a result, we will now try to figure it out.

The latest update for Destiny 2 did everything in the best traditions of this year, but in other words, it took and reset all the content and history accumulated in the game since its release back in 2017.

The only thing that has remained unchanged is the start of all new players at an abandoned Russian cosmodrome and, of course, the first missions.

The starting level of all new characters has been reduced to a common denominator of strength equal to 1050. But for the planet Europe, which actually became available with the release of the update, it is better to have a strength level of 1100 and higher.

Nimble on yourself.

The following locations will now be available to all players to visit and complete quests:

  • Europa (new planet)
  • Spaceport (unchanged)
  • Moon
  • Tangled Shore
  • dream city
  • European dead zone
  • Ness
  • Titanium
  • Mars

In addition, we have a new class specialization called Stasis / Stasis will join Arc, Solar and Void as the fourth element, and this branch will allow us to freeze and immobilize our opponents, which should certainly become useful for both PvP and for PvE fighters.

Perhaps this question is now the second most important, after the question of where all those planets that were before. And if the answer to the question about old planets and quests, we know that they ended up in some special game storage (Destiny Content Vault) and most likely will appear in the near future (if only they don’t have to pay for them again).

Then with the LORAM of the game world everything is a little bit. More difficult. On the one hand, in the starting videos at the very beginning of the game, they tell us quite quickly, clearly and with Russian voice acting, who we are in life and what we actually do here.

And on the other hand … in the course of the plot, some names and titles will flash that are clearly important for understanding the world, but we will not be able to fully understand anything, because it was, so to speak, even before our appearance in this wonderful world!

I hope that the developers will find a way out and tell us the whole Lore, in order and fully in the course of the entire plot.

The authors of Destiny 2 decided to make a kind of restart of the game in order to attract even more new players to the rich world of the game. And they certainly succeeded now, all the players are on equal terms of the start, and all that the old players have is only their experience.

You can now safely study the new plot immediately after completing the tutorial and the very first story quest “The Birth of a Guardian”.

The passage of the company add-on “Beyond the World” will not take you more than 4-5 hours. Which is also naturally good for new players, since the world will not have time to bother you during this time.

And there already he will either hook you completely, or you will go through the plot of the company and forget about this game forever.

So now is really the best time to break into this new world and start farming, grinding and exploring.

But whether these new sensations are worth as much as 1,400 rubles is up to you to decide.

In the meantime, you can watch the latest trailer for the game.



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