How to play Demon’s Souls with friends? Is this multiplayer? From the very beginning, it’s a little unclear how the online mode works in Demon’s Souls, and the game itself does not provide any clues to figure it out for yourself. We’re here to answer your Demon’s Souls questions and shed some light on how the online mode works.

Online play is significantly different from single player play. The online mode provides many features, which we will discuss below.

How to play in cooperative (joint) mode?

Co-op is a core component of Demon’s Souls, but it works differently here than in the typical online multiplayer you might be used to. There’s no way to send quick and easy invites or tell your friend to join your game from the UI. You will either have to use the Blue Eye Stone to join another player or activate the challenge sign to allow another player to join you.

Call signs are what you can use to connect to the co-op mode. Activating one of these signs requires being in human form and will result in another player joining your game. On the other hand, using the Blue Eye Stone requires you to be in Soul Form and leaves a summoning mark on the ground that another player can activate to draw you into their game. You can get your own Blue Eye Stone by talking to the Maiden in Black shortly after the first main boss of the game.

It’s worth noting that the summoning tokens you’ll see scattered around are limited based on the soul level you’re on. You will only be able to summon (or be summoned) players with the same soul level. It may not be an identical level, but the gap should be about +-10 levels away from yours.

How can you play with only one friend?

This Demon’s Souls remake adds a feature called password matchmaking that makes grouping with a friend much easier. If you go to the in-game options menu, go to Settings and go to the network screen, you can turn on the password requirement feature.

Once you enable the password requirement, you will only see challenge signs for people who have entered the same password as you, and any challenge signs you have posted may only be visible to other players who have entered the same password. This is a great way to co-op with a friend as it bypasses the possibility that any player can call you into their game.

The use of the password system also bypasses the level requirement to view the call sign. You won’t need to be on the same soul level to see the call signs of someone with the same password as you, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally walking too far past your co-op mates. Note, however, that if one player is at a much higher level, they will receive a strength reduction buff to try to keep their balance.

Co-op play options

As soon as you join another player’s game or ask another player to join you, you will be able to complete the stage as usual. However, if the visiting Blue Phantom player dies, they will be kicked back to their own world. The same thing happens when you defeat a boss – once the boss is killed, your Blue Ghost friend will have to say goodbye when they are transported back to their own game.

It is important to note that none of the progress you make while calling another player into the game will be transferred to your game session. This means that if you help someone else defeat your boss that you haven’t gotten to yet, that boss will still be alive and well once you return to your realm.

Items also cannot be picked up in phantom mode, unless it is an item that has been dropped by the lead player. Item trading can be done in such a way that the items that Blue Phantom drops can also be picked up by the lead player! Also, the souls you collect as a Blue Phantom will stay with you, and a Blue Phantom who successfully helps kill a boss will revert to human form once he is sent back to his own game, so being a Blue Phantom does have its perks. .

Does Demon’s Souls have a PvP mode?

The answer to your question is “YES”. Player versus player combat is one of the main activities of many Demon’s Souls players, and it includes a whole host of best practices and builds that are fully modeled for fighting other players. However, be careful, as participation in PvP is not always voluntary.

If you run around the level in human form, there is a chance that you will be attacked by the Black Phantom Player. These are the people who used the Black Eye Stone and were sent to your game where they will be rewarded with souls and restored to human form if they eliminate you. You can get your own Black Eye Stone by killing the Black Ghost to ruin other players’ lives if you want! If you don’t want to put up with an attack by possible invaders, staying in Soul Form will protect you from these hostile onslaughts.

How to communicate with other online players?

You most likely noticed all the messages scattered across the floor. The vast majority of them were actually abandoned by other players! You could probably figure it out from all the bullshit they were filled with, and you can leave your own nonsensical messages if you so desire from the touchpad menu. You can only make these messages out of a predetermined list of possible words, but it’s sometimes quite addictive, it takes a lot of brain-scratching to read some of the creative combinations people come up with.

Whether you’re hanging out with a Blue Phantom friend or being invaded by someone who seems surprisingly friendly, the only way you’ll be able to connect and connect with the other person is through emotion. There is no in-game voice chat here. You’ll likely pick up on the emotes that other players love to use, and before you know it, you’ll be bowing down to salute a helping hand and celebrate your victories over the invaders.

Player ghosts in Demon’s Souls

You will most likely run into other players’ white ghosts – these are other real people playing the game that are shown to you in real time! You cannot interact with them in any other way than by trying to evoke emotions in them. They serve no real practical purpose other than perhaps to gauge what might lie ahead based on their movements.

The same goes for the blood stains that can be found everywhere. Interacting with one of them will show you the last moments of the other player before dying and being sent back to their last checkpoint. Measuring the frequency and concentration of these spots can be especially helpful in estimating where a deadly surprise might lie in wait.

What is the message you left in Demon’s Souls that you are especially proud of? And while you’re here, take a look at the rest of our Demon’s Souls guide as we aim to answer your questions.


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